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RDFA meter – Remote Display Filling Assistant meter

Compteur ADAR


Display Backlit green yellow graphic
Input Opto-coupled with magnetic or mechanical sensor
Power supply 12 to 24 V 6VA
Dimensions 120X120X70 mm
Weight 0.750 Kg
Ingress Protection Rating IP 65


The RDFA meter displays and manages the weight and quantity information from in process scales.
– displays the quantity for filling the current flexible container or large bag (big bag )
– TOTALS the quantities worked with:
– displays the total quantities and last 5 flexible container fillings
– As option: filling assistance by controlling the programmed change of large sacks or containers

This remote display meter displays and manages the weight information from an in process scale:
– Displays the unit weight
– Displays the total and partial sum
– Records the total quantities and the last 5 fillings
– Displays the number of big bags filled
– as option: controls big bag changes.

Simple adjustment:
– of unit weight from 1 to 25K
– of the fillilng objective from 25k to 6500 Kg
– of the sack change time from .002S to 2S – of the weight offset between the weighing and the filling system by sensing the real quantity

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