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About us

PLR Mesure, a company founded in 2003 by Pierre Launay, was born from the synthesis of a long experience in agriculture in the field of seeds and seedlings cultures and passions for electronics and photography.

Agriculture does not have much to do with electronics. Yet, agriculture has long and increasingly integrated electronic systems and components for its control production tools.

Portrait of Pierre Launay
Pierre Launay, PLR Mesure founder

The first products created by Pierre Launay respond to solicitations from colleagues while working in a multinational in the field of agriculture.

They are tools for weighing the harvest of demonstrations and average plot tests which have made it possible to start PLR Mesure in the form of a family SARL.

This first achievement fulfilled the requirements for accurate, easy-to-use and economically affordable operational measurement tools.

PLR Mesure logo
PLR Mesure logo symbolizes both agriculture and modernity.

With the galloping evolution of the electronics, doped by the microprocessors, PLR Mesure has evolved, following the path of the seeds, towards the counting of grains.

The creation of a 1000 grain weight calculator, mobile, precise, very affordable economically, perpetuates PLR Mesure and differentiates it from its competitors.